A ray of hope

On June 11th, 2008, Mr. Kumar told the victim’s father that he had enrolled her in a 7 day training program on Rajpur Road. The victim’s father allowed her to leave with Mr. Kumar. When he arrived with the victim at the training program, at Samadhan, the victim saw that the office had a help line for women and for the first time became hopeful. Mr. Kumar made the victim give him 5,000 rupees and from that he paid the registration fee of 3,500 rupees. He told everyone that he was helping the victim with his own money. Before he left her, Mr. Kumar threatened the victim by telling her that if she told anyone what had happened he would publish the pictures in the local paper.

During the training the victim formed a relationship with her roommate and confided in her about the rapes. The victim’s roommate told Adv. Renu Singh, who ran the training program and the help line about the rapes. Adv. Singh approached the victim and the victim told her the entire story. Adv. Singh advised the victim to report the crime to the police, but she was still frightened of the repercussions from her father and step-mother so she did not.

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